Getting Next Bus Information

Finding your Next Bus information requires your stop number. If you don't know your stop number, you can click on the next tabs "Address" or "Landmark" to find it.

Once you have made note of your stop number, you can find your Next Bus information quickly and easily using the  Next Bus tool each time you visit. 

To get the Next Bus using your stop, enter your stop number and click on "Get Next Departures." 

Note:  The default time and day are already set and the results will display times for ALL routes at your stop from now until the end of service. You can change the time and date if necessary. Enter the Date as directed (MM-DD-YYYY), or select a Date using the calendar. 

The "Time" can also be adjusted. 

If you know the specific route you'd like Next Bus information on, you can use the route listing table displayed in the result page. The next four stop times are displayed. Clicking on  "PASSING ROUTES."  will display all routes which pass the selected stop. Select the desired route and click  "Get Schedule"  to display the route schedule for the selected route. 

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